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Cullykhan La Belle Epoche

Nor'East of Scotland show

1ST & BOB THOMPSONS CULLYKHAN LA BELLE EPOQUE – PER f 03 33 ( 1.5.17) Seal Tortie Tabby & White, I really fell in love with this young lady, super lass already solid and well made. Balanced broad head, tiny nearly side set ears, well furnished, big wide open round eyes of rich copper, short nose with good leather and nostrils, firm chin and good bite. Lovely coat so soft and well groomed, showing patches of black and soft reds, the white areas pristine, body red and black, white to chin chest and paws. M and spectacles to head, limbs red & black with tabby markings, her tail two tone short and full –Just a touch shy at first but soon relaxed, a cracking youngster.

Gr Ch Kittiq Creole

GR CH Mrs A M Payne, CH KITTIQ CREOLE, (PER n 03 22) M 29/04/2014

Large handsome brown classic tabby & white Persian lad of three years, four months. Large broad, smooth round skull, well placed low set small rounded ears, large bold round orange eyes, well defined break, near level bite, firm round chin with full rounded cheeks. Strong short neck with broad strong shoulders, excellent strong compact body of good weight & deep shape, very thick low legs with large tufted paws & short full tail. Wealth of soft well groomed ruff & coat presented to a high standard, he had spotless white from his forehead down his nose, whisker pads,chin, bib underparts & all four paws. He showed a part letter M to his forehead, lines from the corners of his eyes, thumbprints to the back of his ears, butterfly to his shoulders that was slightly defused as was the lines on his back & oysters, some barring to his legs & rings to his tail. The tabby marking were jet black on darkish copper agouti ground, which was on the cold side. A well shown boy that was a little shy, but when he came out handled well & I was pleased to award him his grand CC

Cullykhan La Belle Époque winning 2 x 1st Open and 2 x BOB and first all misc classes at Scottish & West of Scotland Shows. 02/12/17

Caledonian L H C C show and Edinburgh & East of Scotland show the same results.

Two all red card show days. So proud of this girl.

Kittiq My Blue Heaven

Kittiq My Blue Heaven

Caledonian LHCC and Edinburgh & East of Scotland CC 2 x 1st Open and BOB. Placed in all her Misc. classes 2 x Nominated BOV Persian

Kitten Chosen as Best Persian Kitten at the Caledonian L H C C Show and only 15 weeks old on the day.

Edinburgh & East of Scotland CC
Grizel Roberston
14th October 2017
Beautful kitten just 3 months old and oozing personality. Broad rounded skull with neat silver tufted ears. Expressive round muddy coloured eyes which indicate turning to copper on maturity. Snub nose with good nasal aperture and leather. Level bite. Full cheeks. Very good overall head balance for a baby. Mask and legs
not yet completely dense but to be expected. Contrasts evident over head, legs and body accompanied by a good level of tipping. Soft textured coat. Compact body coupled with short legs and tail. Breautifully presented. My choice for BIS kitten at the Caledonian Show held on the same day at the same venue. Would have taken her home without hesitation.


Caledonian LHCC
Sue Danks
14th October 2017
Just old enough for the show, and this little smoke girl really has the cute factor. She had a wonderful coat pattern for such a young age with excellent contrasts to her silver white undercoat. I will watch her progress with interest.

Ch Da vinci Szafir Point (Red)

Nor'East of Scotland C. C. Show 13.05.2017. C.C. and BOB, also placed in all his misc. classes. Thank you Grizel Robertson.

Lakeland & District Cat Club Show 17.06.2017. C.C. BOB and placed in all side classes. Thank you Isobella Bangs.

Scotia Cat Fanciers 15.07.2017. C.C. and BOB plus Nominated for B.O.V. Persian. Thank you H. Marriott-Power.

Caledonan L H Cat Club 14.10.2017. 1Gr. Ch. + BOB Placed all classes

Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club 14.10.2017. 1Gr. Ch. + BOB Placed all side classes.

Kittiq Wild Card
Kittiq Wild Card (Black Smoke)
1st - BOB

Caledonian LH Cat Club
Joan Smith
5th November 2016
A lovely black smoke female just over 4 months old. Good broad top of head, plenty of width between neat ears which had well furnished silver tufts. Bright round eyes still muddy brown promising a good colour as an adult. Short nose, fat apple cheeks. She is teething at present but bite did look level and strength to chin. Full coat which was well prepared, inside down at present with black mask developing well. Compact shape and a good weight. A delightful little female my choice as Best Persian Kitten.

Kittiq Oscar WIlde
Kittiq Oscar Wilde
Caledonian L. H. Cat Club Show 07.11.2015
1st Open and BOB  also   2  X 1st     1 X 2nd   at 14 weeks on the day

Imp Gr Ch Rosebridge Gibson (8)
Imperial Grand Champion Rosebridge Gibson (8)
1 C.C. and BOB at the Scottish C.C. Show  15.02.2014
1 C.C. and BOB at the Preston & Blackpool C.C. Show 22.03.14
1 C.C. and BOB at the Nor'East of Scotland C.C. Show 10.05.14
1st Grand. West Country Cat Club 02-08-2014
2nd Grand  South Western Counties Cat Club 27-09-2014
3rd Grand Celtic L. H. & S.L.H. Cat Society 31-01-2015
1st Imp. Gr. Ch. and BOB at Durham Cat Club Show (joint) 30.05.2015
2nd Imp. Gr. Ch. and BOB at Northern Counties Cat Club Show (joint) 30.05.2015
3rd Imp Gr. Ch. and BOB at Lakeland & District Cat Club show 20th June 2015
4th Imp Gr. Ch. and BOB plus all red card day plus winning B.O.V. Persian in Show Edinburgh &a East of Scotland Show 18th July 2015
Res Imp & BOB Teesside show 22nd August 2015
NEW TITLE! Final Imp Gr. Ch. & BOB at Scotia Cat Fanciers show 19.09.2015
Durham Cat Club
30th May 2015
Imperial Class – AC Persian GR CH Adult Male
Mrs S Crichton
Large solid and very cobby brown tabby boy nearing three years of age. Broad chest, fully rounded rump supported on short thick legs with large paws. Excellent width to head with neat ears spaced well apart and with long ear furnishings. Large eyes, fully round and owl like had good orange colour and a very appealing bold expression. Very short nose with a pink nose leather outlined with brown. Fat rounded cheeks, broad muzzle and a strong deep chin with a not quite level bite. Covered in a very full coat that was long and flowing with a great frill and a short very fluffy tail. Excellent tabby lines of black overlying a brown agouti ground colour which were very clear over the face and body and not often seen so well in a long hair in full coat. The forehead had a distinct ’M’, eyes were circled with pale spectacles and he had a spotted muzzle and clear facial lines. The legs had good bracelets and he had two necklaces . A gentleman when handled who was very well presented.

Gr Ch Kittiq My girl Lollipop (8)
Grand Champion Kittiq My Girl Lollipop (12a6t)

1st C.C. Nor'East of Scotland C.C.  11-05-2013
2nd & 3rd C.C. Durham & Northern Counties joint show. 25-05-2013
1st Grand Teesside Cat Club 24-08-2013
>2nd Grand Scotia Cat Fanciers 07-09-2013
3rd Grand Caledonian L. H. Cat Club 26-10-2013
1st Imperial West of Scotland Cat Club 21-12-2013
2nd Imperial Scottish Cat Club 15-02-2014

Kittiq Creole
Kittiq Creole
Caledonian L.H. Cat Club Show 08-11-2014, 1st and BOB kitten plus Nom for Best In Show.
Caledonian Cat Club
8th Nov 2014
AC Tabby/Smoke/Cameo & White Kitten
Mrs I Bangs
1st  BOB Thomson's Kittiq Creole  Per n 03 21
Smashing Brown Tabby & White baby 6 months 1 wk & very well grown, he has a very sweet open expression good breadth to skull, ears settling down, large round expressive eyes which are currently showing a muddy tone which bodes well for the future, short broad nose with a distinct stop, full cheeks good balance to muzzle & chin level bite, stocky frame covered by a full coat which is currently lacking marking due to his abundance of coat so definition is lost, show's a clear m to forehead, spectacles, pristine white muzzle and frill, short full tail with a hint of ring's very well presented exhibit, my take home of the day!

Cullykhan Silhouette
Ch Cullykhan Silhouette
Cumberland Cat Club Show 11-10-2014, first C.C. and was placed in her side classes.
2 C.C.s and 2 BOB s plus placed in side classes at the Scottish and West of Scotland joint shows 17th January 2015.
Caledonian Cat Club
8th Nov 2014
Bi-Coloured Adult Female
Mrs I Bangs
1st cc BOB Thomson's Cullykhan Silhouette    Per n 03
Attractive Black and White lady of good type with smoothly rounded skull, neat ear set, large round eyes rich orange in colour, short broad nose with a firm stop, plump cheeks, balanced muzzle & chin, cobby body covered in a medium length coat silky in texture, black to her head and left hand side of her face, large  black patches to her saddle, short fully coloured tail which she holds in tension, good presentation throughout.

Kittiq Grace's Rainbow
Kittiq Grace's Rainbow (12a6t)
1st and BOB  -  1 x 1st  -  2 x 2nd -  Nominated for Best in Show at
Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club Show
10th May 2014
AC Tabby, Smoke or Cameo & White Female Kitten
Betty Shingleton

A very young kitten looking wonderful today.  Broad rounded scull with ears placed wide apart, large expressive eyes colour setting, short broad nose good break large nostrils and nose leather, cheeks showing good development, strong rounded muzzle.  Very well grown for age, balanced cobby body, short strong boned legs and balanced tail.  Coat beautifully presented showing maximum colour, face showing colour and white, the tabby pattern a little diffused at present, overlaid with shades of red which are developing, the white is sparkling.  With the kitten coat and being so young the pattern will take time to fully develop – however it is all there to come.  Look forward to watching the development of this very sociable young baby.

Ch Kittiq Blackout
hampion Kittiq Blackout
Congratulations Pearl on gaining your Championship title on 01.02.2014
30.03.2013   Kernow Cat Club   Jean Gilson
20.04.2013   Black & White Cat Club  C. Allam
01.02.2014   Celtic L.H. & Semi L.H. Cat Soc.   Linda Martin

Thank you Maria Rosebridge Persians for showing her so well.

Kittiq Candi-Stripe
Champion Kittiq Candi-Stripe (12a1t)
1st C.C. at Caledonian L.H. Show on 26th October 2013
2nd C.C. at West of Scotland Show on 21st December 2013
3rd C.C. at the Scottish C. C. Show  15.02.2014

Congratulations Ch. Kittiq Candi-Stripe
Scottish Cat Club
15th February 2014
Ac  Tabby/Smoke/Cameo & White  Adult Adult
Mr K Van Der Wijk
1CC Mrs R L Thomson Kittiq Candi -Stripe. [12a1t]. Excellent strong muscular body. Excellent legs and round tufted feet. Excellent tail. Nice head shape. Ears are small, round in form and well set. Excellent round & open eyes, well set. Beautiful eye colour. Very good profile. Tufted ears of excellent size, well set. Short nose with nostrils of good size. Good stop. Nice scarabee on front. Beautiful coat, well prepared. Nice Tabby and white coat.  Excellent condition

Ch Kittiq L'Etoile
Ch Kittiq L'Etoile (12a1t)
Edinburgh & East of Scotland show 23.07.11
1st - BOB - All Red Card Day at her first show

Edinburgh and East of Scotland Cat Club
23rd July 2011
Ms G Robertson
Brown Tabby & White.  This baby was, without doubt, my star of the day. She exuded such showgirl quality in temperament & type, I would have taken her home in a minute. Lovely typed girl with rounded skull & neat contoured tufted ears. Big round muddy eyes promising real depth of copper. Snub nose with open nostrils. Curly whiskers.  Good wide bite. Muzzle & chin developing well.  Compact body & short tail. White on chin legs & feet & definitive tabby markings on head & body.  Beautifully presented.

Kittiq Carbon Copy
ittiq Carbon Copy (1)
ALL RED CARD DAY at the Lakeland Show, BEST IN SHOW Persian at under 7 months at the Nor'East of Scotland show 12.05.2012

Kittiq Role Of Honour

Gr. Ch. Kittiq Creole
Ch. Candere Shena. 10
Ch. Kittiq Candi-Stripe. 12a1t
Ch. Kittiq Elise. 1
  Ch. Kittiq Baby Blue. 12a2
Ch. Kittiq L'Etoile. 12a1t
Ch. Kittiq Princess Jasmine. 13b8
Ch. Kittiq Rebel Yell. 12a5t
  Ch. Kittiq Blackout. 1
Ch Cullykhan Silhouette. 12a1
 Pr. Kittiq Silver Rhapsody. 7
Gr. Pr. Kittiq Brown Owl. 8
Gr. Ch. & Gr. Pr. Kittiq Sachana. 4
 Gr. Ch. Kittiq Mygirl Lollipop. 12a6t
Kittiq Carbon Copy. 1. Overall Best In Show Persian at under 7 months old
Imp. Gr. Ch. Rosebridge Gibson. 8
Gr. Ch. Zenith Black Rod. 1
Gr. Ch. Oililly Louis Vuitton. 12a5
Gr. Ch. Harwood Queen-of-Hearts. 12 2

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